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Vorbiti romaneste?
12 November 2015
Made in Cluj: Primera entered a new business league
28 October 2015
Vitrina, involved in CSi Group’s triple anniversary in Romania
08 October 2015
cora STARTed the Performing Internships
27 July 2015
NewBiz & BizStart: identity and concept signed by Vitrina Advertising
We are so glad that you could make it. Do come in. How about some cake? Or maybe some champagne?
About us
Vitrina Advertising is a full-service national agency, with it's headquarters in the heart of Transylvania, in Cluj-Napoca and a branch in Romania's Capital city, Bucharest. [click for more]
Who recommends us
Vitrina Advertising prefers long-time relationships. Stable, honest, these relationships are created in time and sustained with confidence, mutual respect and job well done. This explains the long list of friends. We call them friends, even if they're officially called "clients". [click for more]
What recommends us
When we say "full-service", we really mean it. Because we always add something fresh to our creative services list: from identity to online, from print to audio, from video to web and viral, indeed anything! [click for more]
"You have something that others don’t". This phrase repeated by most of our clients has become our quality certificate. [click for more]
Two gold and a silver at the last PR Awards editions. Our work is our best testimonial. [click for more]
Unique on market. Vitrina Advertising is the only advertising agency that runs the production projects with its own resources, and has created in time a self-standing division specialized in this field. [click for more]
Experiences that matter
There are some moments, some facts, sometimes some gestures that leave a mark on. On a man, a team, sometimes even a company. We don’t put them in the "nostalgic" chapter. We mention them as boundaries that shaped us and our trajectory. [click for more]
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