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12 November 2015
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28 October 2015
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Sometimes there are moments, facts, gestures that leave a mark. On a man, a team, sometimes even an entire company. We don’t put these in the “nostalgic” chapter. We mention them as boundaries that shaped us and our trajectory.
Made in Cluj: Primera entered a new business league
Thursday, 12 November 2015

Ten years after its founding, Primera, the interior design concept store, one of the  reference brands made in Cluj, changed the ownership structure, opened a new showroom and entered a new business league, with Vitrina Advertising along this journey. 

 “The new path followed by Primera means a new home and a bigger and stronger team; it means information and access to trends, fashion and quality; it means getting to the next level. We were able to reposition Primera right where it belongs with the help of the Vitrina Advertising team, who has found the best ways to promote the brand and came up with smart marketing and business”, Ioana Mezei, Primera’s shareholder, stated.
The agency offered creative services, production and outdoor services, communication (PR, media, and social media). The team for this project consisted of Natalia Ștefănescu (account manager), Ovidiu Mihăilescu (graphic design), Dan Cerbănic (outdoor), Helmer Norbert (production), Cecilia Măruță (social media), Georgeta Cerbănic (media), Raluca Crișan (PR).  
Primera, the most exquisite interior design concept store in Cluj-Napoca, offers to the clients the possibility to choose from more than ten thousand textile samples and collections from well-known designers such as Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Nina Campbell, Kelly Hoppen, Designers Guild, and Osborne&Little. Curtains, draperies, tapestries, lamps, decorations, small furniture items – all these and many more can be found in the new Primera showroom.