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12 November 2015
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08 October 2015
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27 July 2015
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Sometimes there are moments, facts, gestures that leave a mark. On a man, a team, sometimes even an entire company. We don’t put these in the “nostalgic” chapter. We mention them as boundaries that shaped us and our trajectory.
cora STARTed the Performing Internships
Thursday, 08 October 2015
Our client cora is developing in the secod half of 2015 the “Advanced Internship Programme for for Future Professionals – START”, a project which targets 150 students from "Babes - Bolyai" University and Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine University (USAMV) Cluj - Napoca. 
The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Human Resources Development Programme - "Investing in People", it takes place in cora hypermarkets located in Cluj - Napoca, Bucharest, Ploiesti, and Baia Mare and it aims at developing the human resources for sustainable integration in the labor market.
Vitrina Advertising is the communication partner of the project START, offering creative services (key visual and promotion materials), communication (advertising and online campaign), BTL (organizing the launching event).
Vitrina Advertising team for this project: Ioana Căprar (account manager), Cosmin Filip (graphic designer), Mircea Vlad (copywriter), Georgeta Cerbănic (media), and Șoimița Crișan (traffic).
“It was the beginning of a very successful project and we thank the Vitrina team for all their support", Ioana Enea, information and publicity expert at cora Romania, stated after the project’s opening event on August 27, 2015. 
cora hypermarket Cluj is part of cora Romania network - Romania Hypermarche company, linked to the French-German group Louis Delhaize. Currently, Romania Hypermarche operates 11 hypermarkets. cora Cluj was opened in October, 2006 and has a sales area of 9,000 square meters, 47 cash registers and 400 employees.