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Vorbiti romaneste?
12 November 2015
Made in Cluj: Primera entered a new business league
28 October 2015
Vitrina, involved in CSi Group’s triple anniversary in Romania
08 October 2015
cora STARTed the Performing Internships
27 July 2015
NewBiz & BizStart: identity and concept signed by Vitrina Advertising
We are so proud that we’ve succeeded to put Cluj and Romania on the AMIN Worldwide map and to have so many friends all around the world.

Vitrina Advertising joins AMIN

Since 2014, Vitrina Advertising is an AMIN member. AMIN (Advertising Marketing International Network) is an international community of independent advertising agencies from Europe, US, Latin America and Asia. Founded in 1985, AMIN brings together 50 offices of 35 countries from 4 continents. Each of the member agencies is a unique representative of its home country.

The whole philosophy of AMIN is depicted by a very simple formula - “global access + local know-how”, a mantra which is expressed very well through the network’s slogan: “Independently United”. Thus, the AMIN agencies provide joint services for international clients most of them related to research, creation and strategy. The AMIN network covers the whole range of marketing and advertising services.

AMIN Worldwide